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Since its inception in 1966, HP voucher codes labs has been in print, computing and communications technology innovation and innovation in the field to promote the growth of HP voucher codes. Early research results include portable scientific calculators, light-emitting diodes, thermal inkjet printing, reduced instruction set architecture, and the first portable computers with desktop performance.The application of technology innovation in the field of public computing technology to nanotechnology. Infrastructure and management innovation include the latest 64 bit architecture, as the Intel Itanium microprocessor based utility computing for open source SmartFrog language, automatic storage management, intelligent power management for the data center, as well as safe and reliable Linux and similar digital animation rendering service of public utility computing services.

The innovation of safety technology including Virus Throttle (installed on all HP voucher codes ProCurve blade server) and Active, Counter Measures, a scanning enterprise network vulnerability and can protect the network from malicious software attacks.The rich media technology innovation including digital media platform, in the entertainment industry, the quality of film photo quality print digital cameras and security technologies of streaming media.In the field of Science in the future, researchers at HP voucher codes labs have developed the world’s first prototype latch (molecular cross-bar). Our research in nanotechnology will create a new computer chip manufacturing process in the future.

As the first high-tech company in Silicon Valley,HP voucher codes is not only committed to the research and development of technology, but also in the construction of enterprise culture. HP voucher codes co-founder David Packard said: “a review of a lifetime of toil, I most proud of, is likely to help create a value, work methods and achievements, have a profound impact on the management of companies around the world; I especially proud is, can leave a sustainable business, can I continue after death continue to be the typical organization. “What David Packard calls” values, ways of doing things, “is now known as the HP”.Since the founding of the two founders of the “HP voucher codes way” since the founding of the people’s Republic of China in the past sixty years, it has evolved a new connotation with the change of the times.

1999, in the face of changes in the market environment, adhering to the “HP voucher codes” core values, based on the HP voucher codes more emphasis on customer and market, speed and flexibility, teamwork and collaboration and meaningful innovation.In 2002 after the merger with Compaq, HP voucher codes absorbed the advantages and strengths of the two respective enterprise culture, respect and trust, continue to emphasize the pursuit of individual achievement and contribution of excellence, faith as the principle, teamwork and encourage innovation and other core values, further as the “HP voucher codes way” to develop the content: “leadership framework” the latest, emphasizes four aspects of dynamic business objectives and growth strategy, organization structure and operation mode, enterprise culture and behavior criterion, and the effectiveness and remuneration policy coordination.As the HP voucher codes company for more than and 60 years in the world, “HP voucher codes way” is the source of power to promote the development of HP, and continue to “HP voucher codes way” for innovation, is the key to achieve sustained success HP.